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Old Timers Baseball Game at Cuyler Park in Harrisville

A beautiful day, a great crowd, and some old joints put to work once again at Cuyler Park in Harrisville for the second ever Old Timers Baseball Game.

Former northeast Michigan baseball stars reunited on the field for a game between the KiKi Cuyler Cubs and the KiKi Cuyler Pirates, a match to honor the late KiKi Cuyler.

“I’m so impressed with how many community members came together to put this on,” said KiAnn Kruttlin, the organizer of the event and granddaughter of Cuyler. “We had more than we had last year with all the sponsors, somebody put the flags out there and the field was in perfect condition. Two years ago, it had trees growing out of it, so it’s just such a community event.”

This was the second year of the Old Timers Game, and former players came back to Harrisville from all over the country to play in this game. Roger Lemons was the MVP for the second year in a row after closing out the game with a save.

“Just love of baseball, and love of Harrisville,” said Lemons about what he loves about the Old Timers Game. “Love of Harrisville and this field, this field a lot of us worked on as kids and playing with my old friends and guys that I played with since I was 7, I mean how much better can that be about baseball?”

The crowd showed up even better than they did in previous years, as word has continued to spread about the game. For the players, it’s all about playing the game and spending time with old friends.

“No, it’s been incredible;” said Lemons. “The practices and stuff are fun too. It’s getting to know people that you never talk to anymore, but baseball brings us together.”

For those who organized the event, seeing the crowd come out and support the local legends is what it’s all about.

“Last time, I was working more, and this time I got to sit and watch the game, and it was a great game,” said Kruttlin. “Some of those plays are amazing, and Walt was the oldest player, he graduated with me, so it’s kind of fun to see someone my vintage out there playing.”

The Cubs narrowly defeated the Pirates 10–8, and the crowd is looking forward to coming back next year for another Old Timers Game.