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Esports is looking to recruit a team of video gamers for their competitive gaming team.

“So Esports it stands for Electronic sports, it’s all about competing as a team or an individual and representing in this case a college,a  community college, our local one. It’s played with competitive video games and I know there’s a nuance to that, but it is just as professional and just as serious and kept to the same standard as all the tradition sports as well” said Nicholas McDonald, Head coach of Esports at Alpena Community College.

To be eligible to join the team you must be a student at Alpena Community College, a minimum 3.0 GPA, demonstarte professionalism and have travel availability.

“We’re actually in a league called the NJCC, which is the National Junior Community College Association so we would compete weekly in the spring and then the fall and we should be starting up hopefully games next week. If not, the week after. We’re just getting together the teams right now” said McDonald.

McDonald is excited for the Alpena community to experience the realm of gaming.

“Biggest thing is, just give it a shot. I know it’s new, it’s different and I- I just really hope that everyone in the community can kind of embrace something that’s- hopefully we’re able to reach a broader audience cause this is just a sport like anything else and we’re representing all of Northeast Michigan at this point and we’re excited to do so” said McDonald.

If you’re interested in being part of the Esports team or would like additional details about the team, you can email McDonald at: