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In the last city council meeting, tensions were running high as two local contractors were bidding on the same street project in Alpena. “There is some local roadwork that will be starting soon. Near downtown, it will be our Second Avenue project and that’s goes from Fletcher to Hueber Street. And that is a project that’s been long coming. It’s water and sewer, street curb lines, drainage, everything. It’s a big project. It affects a lot of people, but it’s been spent needed for quite some time.” Alpena City Engineer, Stephen Shultz said.

City council members in Alpena had a conflicting vote between two contractors, McArthur and Elmer’s Construction. “I think the project was just a shade over $3 million.” MacArthur Construction Owner, Adrian MacArthur said. The commissioners weighed the decision for some time, verbalizing that both contractors have done good work for the city in the past and both appear to be local, mainly based out of Hillman with a few business sites in the Alpena. Elmer’s corporate office, however, is based in another state. “When that project is done. That profit, the subcontractors they use who are not from the area, all that money is leaving Alpena. Top that off with the Clearwater project. That’s $13 million total leaving the Alpena area at a time when DPI closed.” MacArthur said. One city council member voted no, Dr. Carol Walchak, citing the corporate office being in another state. All other commissioners voted for Elmer’s and Elmer’s walked away victorious. Elmer’s Construction declined to comment.