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Nature’s Kingdom Conservation Rehabs Orphaned and Injured Wildlife To Release Back Into The Wild

Nature’s Kingdom Conservation in Herron, is dedicated to rehabilitating orphaned and injured wildlife and releasing them back into the wild.

“We just did a release on two little bunnies. They were actually brought in at two different times. Both of their nests were disturbed by dogs and the other siblings killed. And so, then we got to rehabilitate them back. I just kept them like two extra weeks, and actually, they wouldn’t take a bottle because their eyes were already open. So I offered them dishes of milk and then, pellets and different greens and we just nursed them back to health and let them go” said Michelle Sobek, Owner of Nature’s Kingdom Conservation.

Sobek advises that if you see a bunny that looks abandoned, do not touch it.

“Nine out of ten times, the mother rabbit only comes to nurse her babies twice a day, once in the evening and once in the morning. Otherwise, the babies are left alone in the nest, like with barely any cover. A lot of times, dogs find them in this nest, there’s different ways to set it up so the dog can’t get to the animals. We just want you to leave the bunnies alone. They are way better suited to being raised by their parents” said Sobek.

If you see an animal in need of rehabilitation, you can call Nature’s Kingdom Conservation at 989-727-3893 for guidance.