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On Saturday, February 17th the Tim T Barrow Memorial Plunge took place at the Sandbar and Grill to raise money for Special Olympics. Due to poor weather conditions, the plunge took a different approach.

“We had to change it this year. Mother Nature said: No safe ice, so guess what? we had to put a pool together. The Sandbar and Grill staff and management out there were awesome. They put together a pool real quick, filled it with lake water and we had 65 participants in this year’s plunge. As you know, you were one of them” said Brett Burke, “Yogi Bear” and Tim Barrow’s friend and former coach who helped put the event together.

At the request of Brett Burke and his wife Kim, I took the plunge and as a former Floridian I endured a frosty experience with hair full of icicles and severe shivering. It was still a very rewarding experience and I’m happy I was able to participate in the event.

“I’d like to thank Trooper Kunath and Sergeant Simpson for allowing me to be part of the committee this year and make this memorial to Tim Barrow and his boys. His brothers reached out and donated over, raised over twenty thousand dollars this year, just in their team alone. I’d also like to shout out to all the other plungers, everybody that showed up, all the money that was generated in the raffles and everything” said Burke.

The plunge had a huge turnout and the monetary goal of $20,000 was surpassed.

“I think it went pretty well, I found out yesterday that it was a record setting event, that they raised over $55,000 for Special Olympics Michigan this year, which is more than double what their goal was” said Jason Kunath, Trooper of Michigan State Police.

Trooper Kunath gives thank all the sponsors, all the plungers and everyone in the community that volunteered to help put the event together. He said his favorite part of the event was watching a lady from Florida get in the cold water.