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Local Harrisville Business Receives Recognition

The Hollyhock Emporium is a local artisan retailer and consignment shop located on Main Street in Harrisville. They have been serving the area for over four years now.

Recently, they received a special recognition from state representative Cam Cavitt in honor of National Independent Retailer Month in July, an award they had no idea they were receiving.

“Knowing that someone outside of Alcona County that sits in a big important chair somewhere knows that we exist, that’s cool, and it’s also humbling, because I would have never given it a second thought,” said Monica Spears, co-owner of The Hollyhock Emporium.

Opening their business in 2019, the Emporium has dealt with some of the worst possible beginnings. Having to deal with COVID as a small business right as they were getting off the ground was an extreme challenge.

“We thought, ‘okay, we just need to make it through our first winter,’ right?” said Jennifer Kozlow, co-owner of The Hollyhock Emporium. “Well, then it’s like winter never stopped because the entire country was being shut down for COVID.”

As a small business that has been through tough times, the recognition from the state level is validating to the Emporium.

“It’s just an encouragement that we actually might have someone in government that cares,” said Kozlow.

“And paying attention to the literal little guys,” said Spears.

The Emporium owes a lot of their success to the dedicated community who has supported them throughout their years.

“It is our customers and it is our community who got us this, because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here,” said Spears.

The Hollyhock Emporium is appreciative of all the support from their customers and the special recognition as a small business.