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Instructor at Bay Athletic Club gives tips on getting active this spring

Communications director and instructor at Bay Athletic club gives tips on how to get active this spring

ALPENA, MICH — Spring is officially here. That means more sun, warmer, temperatures, and more motivation to get active.

With the changing weather, people are more prone to getting out of the house and taking on physical challenges. Communications director at bay athletic club, Sarah Morrison, says this is the perfect time to use that warm-weather motivation to your advantage.

“We should be moving every single day, you should be getting your heart rate up every single day, so if you want to go do that outside, like going for a brisk walk, going for a jog, even doing intervals where you jog for a minute, walk for two minutes, it’s super beneficial to the conditioning of your heart and your overall body.”

Sarah also teaches classes at Bay Athletic Club that can help keep your body in shape, but heading to the gym isn’t the only way to keep you healthy and fit this summer.

“You know, the beautiful thing about fitness, you truly can do it anywhere. And it’s about finding a place that you love to do it and that you will do it consistently because when you’re consistent, you’re going to get results. So your body is perfect for resistance training. Even just doing squats. Maybe you’re out for a walk and you see a park bench. You could like put your hands on the park bench and do some push ups right there on an incline. You could put one leg up and do a lunge. You could be doing walking lunges down the sidewalk, and if you’re on Chisholm or a busy street, just own it and be proud. You’re going to inspire someone doing that. “