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On Saturday, January 20th the Girl Scouts of Alpena hosted an open house exhibit at the Besser Museum. It was the second time in history that the museum had an exhibit that was led by children.

The exhibit was created to embrace the past, present and future girl scouts. The exhibit earned both Lucy Duthler and Emma Kinsel their silver award that they’ve been working towards since July 2023. The event provided refreshments such as water and girl scout cookies including the original shortbread recipe.

“Tomorrow we’re having an open house that we’re gonna have open to the public and so everybody can come and see, it’s free for everybody.” said Kenna Mousseau, a girl scout that helped out with the event.

The exhibit consisted of fun activities such as word searches, coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, different types of knot tying and more.

“It’s like about the history of girl scouts. We have uniforms about it and we also have like”

“old memorabilia and articles and stuff, old newspaper articles.” said Lucy Duthler and Emma Kinsel the girl scouts receiving the award.

The event encouraged former and active scout members to attend for a trivia game about the founder of girl scouts, Juliette Gordon Low that was titled the lowdown.

“We worked on this exhibit for like 36 hours I think and we have to have 50 total to earn our award.” said Kinsel

Addisyn Kolson and Kenna Mousseau, girl scouts and friends of Lucy and Emma, are en route to begin their journeys towards earning their own silver awards.

“I’m starting mine soon and I think it’s gonna give me some ideas and I like helping out with them and I like spending time with them and I made a lot of new friends and stuff.” said Kolson.

If you missed the opening of the girl scout exhibit on Saturday, it will be on display until the end of March. The scouts are thankful for all of the help and support they’ve received from Besser Museum and Alpena County George N. Fletcher Public Library. They’ve described their experience as “so preppy”.