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Conquer Your Fitness Goals For The New Year

With 2024 off to a start, now is the time of year where people are motivated to form healthy habits, but can feel overwhelmed looking for somewhere to start. Amanda Freeland, Bay Athletic Club membership director, suggests shifting your mindset towards goals this new year, “When resolutions are specific and people feel like they can achieve them, they’re always more likely to stick with them. So we like to think of resolutions in terms of goals, and setting those small goals that can turn into habits.”

These small goals can have a huge impact and change lives. From weight loss to mental health improvements, the Club has mentored countless individuals through creating healthy habits. “I really want to share a story about Sherri Corbin, who has been a long time member at Bay Athletic Club, and she has recently just in the last year lost eighty pounds. But even more amazing than that is how the weight loss started,” said Freeland, “She started with one small habit. She started with drinking more water.” What starts as one goal, such as drinking water, can snowball into a mountain of good habits reaching big goals.

While developing plans for these goals can be a challenge, the team at BAC offers support for members of all fitness levels. “All new and returning members get a free session with a personal trainer to talk about nutrition, to set goals, and to create a personalized workout,” said Freeland. “That’s something we’ve done since we first opened eighteen years ago and we find that helps so many people set their goals, and really accomplish them, and feel really confident about it.”

This month, the Club is also launching new program targeted towards improving multiple dimensions of wellness called, “30HARDish.” Freeland describes the program, “So what it is, is thirty days to change your habits to change your life. And in thirty days, you’re going to follow six habits, including fitness, including nutrition, we’re providing a fuel guide, including drinking more water, journaling, getting outside, things that are going to make a big difference in your overall health.” The program begins January 8th, offering guidance and a community to tackle your goals with.

Participants of all fitness levels are welcome to join to kick start their goals. Individuals interested in signing up can stop by Bay Athletic Club at the front desk or by emailing Amanda at