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Boldrey sentenced to 25 years minimum

The case began when Boldrey and his best friend Trevor Hubbard decided to take 25i, a drug he and the rest of the world new little about. Shortly after consumption, Boldrey entered a drug–induced rage, leading him to commit two acts of murder against Trevor and an innocent neighbor, Keith Atkinson. Trevor’s family took the stand today to request mercy for Boldrey, even in the face of their deep sorrow.

“I went to go see Kyle in jail, and I realize most people don’t understand why. I don’t hate him…I can’t. This young man lost his life the same night as my son, only he survived and is paying the price of their choice. The tables could have turned at any moment and this could be my son in jail and Kyle dead,” said Trevor’s mother Tracy VanElsacker. Trevor’s grandmother Marion Kelley took the stand next.

“Knowing how Trevor treasured his friends, I hear him telling me ‘forgive Kyle, and tell him I love him.’ And so I forgive as the Lord has forgiven me, and I ask for mercy for Kyle,” said Kelley.

Next Keith Atkinson’s family took the stand, to describe what life has been like since the beloved husband, brother, grandfather and father was murdered by Boldrey.

“Forgiveness doesn’t come easy when you are scrubbing your father’s blood off the walls in the house where he lived, and picking up the broken glass from the heavy objects that were smashed over your mother’s head,” said Brian Atkinson of his father’s murder. Next Keith’s wife Debra Wells took the stand, who was also beaten by Boldrey the night of Keith’s murder.

“The hurt is constant and I will never heal from this. And sometimes I wish I would’ve gone with him,” she reflected.

Boldrey plead no contest to the two counts of murder in the second degree, so his sentencing took place without a trial. Judge Michael Mack sentenced the 26–year–old to 25 years minimum, with a maximum of 50 years in prison. He also requested $10,870 dollars be paid in restitution to Debra Wells, and $3,391 to clean the home.

Judge Mack concluded the session by calling the unique case something all young people should be taught about in school. A lesson that drugs, can truly ruin lives.