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Tow Trucks Busy After First Real Snowfall Of The Season

With recent snow and icy roads, winter driving conditions are in full effect. These elements have caused hazardous driving conditions leading to accidents and disabled vehicles this week. Brett Szczerowski, co-owner of Jerome’s Towing has responded to many of these incidents, “We’ve seen in an uptick in business, it’s just changed the type of business. Instead of disablement, it’s been more vehicles in the ditch, more recovery work, snowplows in the ditch and what not”

And in the unfortunate occasion that an emergency response is necessary, we can all do our part to help first responders address accidents. “Definitely slow down,” Szczerowski said. “When you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, don’t have your cell phone out trying to take a video. Try to keep your vehicle in a safe line and follow down through keep yourself at a safe speed. Remember that everyone needs to relearn how to drive in the winter months and nobody is a professional.”

While snowy driving conditions can be hazardous, you can set yourself up for success with proper vehicle maintenance. “You can start with tires,” said Szczerowski. “Nobody thinks about it for the first snow, and once your tires are on snow and ice, you can tell your tire’s condition real fast. That they have proper inflation, tires are the main thing.” With winter weather here to stay, be sure to get your tires checked before it’s too late and drive cautiously in hazardous weather conditions.