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Three new ordinances to replace original blight ordinance 135 in Alpena Township

Alpena Township residents got their wish after months of fighting to have the initial blight ordinance, 135, removed from the books. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still an issue. Alpena township supervisor Nathan Skibbe says,

“It’s unfortunate, but their are opportunities and instances in our community where it isn’t fair for neighboring residences to have to deal with an individual or individuals that aren’t really putting the care and love into their property.”

Properties like one residence on Long Lake road are the reason ordinance 135 couldn’t be completely eliminated without a substitute.

“The ad hoc committee has done a thorough amount of work and has decided to bring forward three independent ordinances: 137, 138 and 139. One-thirty-seven is a blight ordinance, 138 is a dangerous buildings ordinance, and 139 is a rental inspection ordinance.”

So far, the wording of the three new documents have been well received by residents.

“With these two ordinances in particular, we’re not getting any negative feedback, which means that we’re doing our job and listening to the people to ensure that our community moving forward has mechanisms that the government can step in to help. It’s not a hindrance. It’s a helping mechanism.”

Ordinances 137 and 138 are expected to be adopted at the Township’s next board meeting.