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The Alpena Salvation Army Needs More Bell Ringers

The Salvation Army needs volunteers to assist them with bell ringing. Everyone is eligible to become a bell ringer. Bell ringing makes it possible for the Salvation Army to collect funds that are used to purchase items and basic necessities for financially struggling families and members of the community. Bell ringers can be found in various places around town,Walmart and the Post office are two of the most common places you can find them.

Major Prezza Morrison of the Salvation Army knows that the holiday season can cause people to splurge more money than they have available to make their families happy on Christmas. She said:

“Usually you’re maybe able to budget your rent and your utilities and you’re really close to keeping just close to your budget, but then Christmas comes and you want to give your children the best Christmas that you can possibly give them. And so this helps alleviate some of the stress a family may feel about providing that perfect Christmas.”

When talking about the importance of recruiting bell ringers, she says:

“When there’s not anybody at the location to ring a bell, then we don’t receive the funds that we need to help people throughout the year”

It’s important that the Alpena Salvation Army acquires more bell ringers so they are able to continue collecting donations to support the community.

A local bell ringer Amanda Morelock was spotted at the post office in downtown Alpena, when asked about her reasoning to join the cause, she said:

“Personally I wanted to get involved because when I first came out here the Salvation Army helped me tremendously.”

The donations received by the Alpena Salvation Army both monetary and gifts, stay within the community to help aid those residing in Alpena all throughout the year.

If you’re interested in donating or becoming a bell ringer, you can go online at or call the Salvation Army at 989-358-2769 to learn more.