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Two 4–H Club members are set out to make a change at local restaurants. Alyssa McCann has the story. The 4–H Club is on a mission to help spread the word about students for zero waste week

“There are 22 million ponds of plastic that entire our great lakes annually, so its really important to advocate to reduce our uses of these single waste plastics because its definitely a problem in our great lakes and ocean,” Meaghan Gass said.

As the club leader Meaghan has been empowering to the kids by giving them a chance to not only have a voice but most importantly, make a change.

“It gives kids a chance to make a difference, not just let the adults have all the fun,” said Luther.

Even the local restaurants are finding these kids inspirational.

“Its important to show that even at that age you can change things, it’s not out of your control. You can change things, start local and think big,” said Joel.

These two kids prove that a young age you can have a voice and impact your community

“I think it can effect them because we’re basically spreading the word throughout the restaurants here and you know people know the owners and they get to talk about what we’ve done,” said Silver.

“Remember if you’re eating out from April 8th to the 15th you can do your part by avoiding the use of all plastics I’m Alyssa McCann with WBKB news.”