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H.U.N.T. Continues to Fight Drug Epidemic in 4 Counties

 The Huron Undercover Narcotics Team is fighting to decrease drug supply in the area. WBKB Reporter, Star Connor had a chance to speak with the H.U.N.T. commander.

Star what did you find out?

Aaron and Jamie, when it comes to drugs it’s not only a national issue, but also a local issue.

The H.U.N.T. Team is trying to fight the drug epidemic in four of our counties including Alpena, Presque Isle, Alcona and Montmorency.

 Looking out into your backyard, or waving at your neighbor, you may not think that drugs are around. But for Alpena, Presque Isle, Montmorency, and Alcona, drug supply is increasing daily.

Lieutenant Stuart Sharp said the major drugs that are taking over Northeast Michigan include methamphetamine, and heroin.

“The most problematic is methamphetamine use and production, heroin, and the use of prescription drugs. Which often leads to the consumption of heroin,” Sharp said.

Despite follow-ups, leads, and tips, drugs are flowing through the hunt teams four county coverage because addiction is so high.

“There are a number of things that can contribute to drug use. However I will say that methamphetamine and heroin are highly addicted and there’s some studies that say once you try it once, you will be addicted for life,” Sharp added.

Sharp said addicts are trying to reach the ultimate high.

“Anything that would be the most rush or the most powerful thing in our lives would only reach about 125 level. Whatever makes you the happiest you’re going to have a high of dopamine of 125. When you try heroin or meth you’re at 1250. The addict is always trying to reach that 1250.

The more drugs that they consume, the lower that number goes. So they increase the dosages, and try different things,” Sharp continued.

The problem is affecting people of all ages.

“There are no age groups. We’ve arrested 60–year–old ladies, and 15–year–old children with heroin and meth,” Sharp finished.

Sharp had more things to talk about when it came to this issue. We will take a deeper look into the drug epidemic during a 3 part series, Jamie, Aaron, back to you.