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ALPENA, Mich. — Soldiers train for more than just combat during Northern Strike.

Whether at ease or in combat, soldiers watch out for each other. That’s why they practice firefighting during Northern Strike.

On Monday, troops simulated putting out a burning plane crash. Senior Master Sergeant Joseph Crocker told WBKB that in most cases, fighting an aircraft fire starts with putting out the fuselage, or central body.

“So, basically they have to create a path of entry into the crew door, where they will then make an interior attack while also protecting those egress paths [from] the fire that exists.”

In a real emergency, firefighters would then take any survivors inside the plane to safety.

Crocker said that the simulation differs from a real fire in a few other ways.

“Depending on the aircraft, there are different types of materials we have to be aware of. You have magnesium, you have different composite materials. And also one of the major concerns are the fuel loads. When we’re dealing with those petroleum products, it depends on the types of firefighting techniques and tactics we’re going to use.”

Having a grasp of the fundamentals will help these soldiers save lives when the need arises.