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ALPENA, Mich. — Today’s pets of the week are Marty, Dwayne, and Tommy Chong.

Our first pet today is Marty. He was hit by a car and rescued by a good Samaritan. The accident broke his hip, but he’s making a great recovery. While Marty just wanted to nap today, we can confirm from previous visits that he’s just about the friendliest cat you’ll ever meet. He comes right your hand and gives you plenty of love so long as you treat him well.

Next up, we have Dwayne.

I know it *looks* like he’s giving you the stinkeye, but he’s really just recovering from surgery. Dwayne is one of the best–behaved cats we’ve ever seen. He walked straight from his kennel to the playroom without anyone having to herd him. He’s a playful soul who enthusiastically pounces on his toys. He also loves cuddles, to the point that he will pounce onto your seat and demand more.

Finally, we have Tommy Chong. This fella’s a new arrival and he’s definitely on the shy side. Tommy was super scared of the camera, but we can confirm that when it was out of sight, he felt more open. This guy likes scratches under the chin and behind the ear. Just give him time to get used to his new environment before you visit.

You can learn more about adoption on the Huron Humane Society website.