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Marine Science program Scubanauts comes to Alpena


ALPENA, Mich. – A group of students from around the US were in Alpena to explore the thunder bay river.

They’re from Scubanauts International – a non profit organization.

They provide kids ages 12–18 with experiences in marine biology. The students are here in Alpena assisting NOAA in shipwreck research.

The group will take photos of shipwrecks to create a 3–d model for public access.

Participants say the program helps them, learn about the world around them.

“So much happens environmentally and a lot of people feel like they don’t have a lot of power and Scubanauts takes that power and gives it to kids by giving them the opportunity to do science and gain a greater understanding and then communicate with the legislature to let them know things that we should be doing”, said Master Scubanaut Diana Philips.

Young Scubanauts credit meeting people from all walks of life as just one plus of the experience.

“It’s really awesome to be able to meet all these new people because they have different perspectives and different and different things that they’re working on, and so you get to learn new things, you get to learn about the different areas and the people within those areas and how they interact with their environment and it’s really nice to see who these people are and how they’re working to make the environment a better place,” said Scubanaut Bryn Fleming.

To learn more about the program and get involved you can go check out their website.