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With weather conditions making it too dangerous to drive on the roads and leave the house, there are various ways to have fun indoors and outdoors if you find yourself snowed in.

“There’s a lot of really fun things you can do from obviously getting out the you know, the crate full of board games and being able to connect with the families, be with your family as a whole.” said Brad Somers, executive director of Boys and Girls Club of Alpena.

Activities such as reading, STEM activities such as in home science experiments, making volcanoes and playing Connect 4 are great ways to pass the time indoors during a storm. Outdoor activities such as snowball fights and making snow angels are family friendly ways to spend quality time outdoors when snowed in.

“This time of year when we actually get this snow though, it’s even more exciting to be outside. Bundle up, get a you know, a pair of gloves on, put your winter boots on, your snow pants and you know extra layer maybe or two, but to get outside and explore” said Somers.

If you find yourself bored and need an activity to do, go outside and build a snowman.

“Strapping on the snow shoes and you know just getting outside. Being a little active and you know, maybe even sweating a little bit in the winter cold because you are actually, you know doing some physical activity. That’s my favorite activity and of course, I’d say as well probably throwing snowballs at my kids” said Somers.

If you experience a winter storm, play indoor and outdoors with your friends and family to turn it into a winter wonderland.