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Lemon Frogs Rock Out for a Fundraiser

Steven Michael Obuch, the drummer for the Lemon Frogs, met with us Saturday night before they held their 7th annual fundraiser, and said this about it, “What we’re doing is raising money for a veteran that the VA, you know, kinda fell through the cracks on, they could only gather up so much money.” He continued, saying, “So we’re trying to pick up the rest and try to help this year’s veteran. As a 24 year veteran, they were having a bit of car troubles, and we’re trying to help raise money for them to get them out into a more secure vehicle at this time.”

Steven Obuch, Leader and Drummer for The Lemon Frogs

The saying all for one and one for all, is a good description of how Steven views what they’re doing by raising money for veterans, especially with him being one himself. Obuch said, “Being a veteran myself, it’s really close to home. So it’s something that you know that we really take pride in. Like I said, this is our seventh year. We’ve done some other organizations, and we just decided to strike out on our own and try to help and what we could on our own, and see if we could, you know, actually make a difference.” He added, “So far we’ve gotten six veterans on their feet, and we hope to continue that streak with number seven this year, and so far so good. Last year we managed, I think it was $6000 and donated items.”

It’s not just the band that makes everything happen, but also the people that help with the fundraiser, and the other artists and band that want to help with the worthy cause. Obuch said this about it, “I just like to say you know that this things been going on for seven years, and a lot of the entertainment that comes along and the guys to help out don’t get a lot of acknowledgment for it, but I’d like to say you know, like the Black Powder Gold Band, you know the guys like Dan Patch, they come out from a ways away and they come and they play, and I just hope they see that you know those guys are, you know get their due as well.”