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Members of the ‘Keep Our 50 States’ group in Michigan visited Alpena’s Community College today to share their views on the possibility of Michigan joining the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. The forum was to show the people the ramifications of switching to the popular vote.

John Damoose, the State Senator of the 37th district says,”I mean on the surface this is something that sounds like a great idea, where one person one vote. We got the technology to do it but it would absolutely belies the entire foundation of the United States of America and how we were structured from the beginning.”

Senator Damoose adds, “Our founding fathers who came up with this system understood that both population and demographics and geographic diversity were important. Otherwise, you would have the state of Wyoming have the same number of Senators as the state of California. They felt like that was important and that’s reflected already in our electoral process.”

On paper, electing a President based on popular vote sounds like a pretty fair deal, however, Cam Cavitt the State Representative for the 106 says otherwise, “Well you mentioned it, we’d be disenfranchised, we won’t even have a seat at the table. Candidates won’t come here [Michigan] and we wouldn’t have a say so in how our Federal Governments run. We would lose things like our water rights, that’s a huge issue here in Michigan. So, that’s important to me and that’s important to the people of Michigan.”

Former Vice Chair of the 1st District, Tom Stillings explains how detrimental removing the electoral college could be for the people of the state of Michigan. He says, “Well for reasons we discussed here tonight, basically as Cam Caviit said at the end, the electoral college votes of the people of Michigan belong to the people of Michigan! They should not be cast by people from California, New York, or Illinois or wherever else. Let our electors express the will of the Michigan voters.”