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How To Stay Safe On The Road In Bad Conditions This Winter

As the weather gets bad and roads start to slick over, the threat of black ice returns. We spoke to Michigan State Lieutenant Derrick Carroll on how to stay safe while driving during the winter weather.

Black ice is ice on the road that is difficult to see. It is not invisible to the human eye, but is transparent and the road is visible underneath it, making it easy to miss and slip on while driving. You won’t know you’re dealing with black ice until you go over it, so Lieutenant Carroll says to drive with caution.

“We always encourage people, even though the speed limit may be 55, you may wish to drive slower, especially if you don’t know the road conditions. If it’s below freezing, assume there’s black ice out there and take appropriate action,” he said.

Carroll also gave a few tips on how to stay safe on the road, and what to do in case of an emergency.

“Revert back to your winter time driving. A lot of people have gone through the summer, give yourself more space between vehicles, allow yourself more time to stop, and as always we encourage people to have an emergency kit with them with some food, water, emergency blanket, flares, and have a cell phone that’s charged so you can call in case there is an emergency,” he said.