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Diamonds are Still in Demand, Despite 18% Price Decrease

The color, cut and clarity of the diamond has dazzled people everywhere for centuries. The prices of these beauties have fluctuated over time, making the market finicky, but still considered stable. The recent 18% decline of a diamonds price could cause some people to become concerned. However, some Jewelers claim it’s still a very beneficial market, and the fluctuations are nothing to be worried about. Ken Branham, owner of Branhams Jewlery, spoke on the fluctuations. “Diamonds have seen a little bit of a decrease in value recently. A lot of pressure and popularity of lab created diamonds, have been making things fluctuate a little bit.”

Creating the timeless beauty of a diamond is the work of the earth itself. The formation shows just how pressure can pay off. Branham, explains the process of diamond formation “Diamonds form miles under the earth surface when the right heat pressure and minerals are present for diamond to form. It doesn’t take a billion years for diamond to form, it just takes that long for all of those conditions to be right. Then through volcanic eruption the diamonds come to the Earth’s surface we find them, cut them and polish them and then make them into jewelry.”

Science has created a new way of the diamond industry. Lab created diamonds are a new trend and have some people questioning the diamond itself.

“lab grown diamonds are developed with a process that can create those conditions above ground, with the right heat and pressure.” Branham explained. The lab created diamond is still a diamond, and the beauty is still magnificent. Branham emphazied that “The diamond market is seeing an increase in popularity.” The diamond industry is a legacy that will continue to grow even through price fluctuations.