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Coach Ballgame Brings His Youth Baseball Camp To Alpena

The Alpena’s Aplex center played host to Coach Ballgame and his revolutionary baseball camp. The camp is designed to teach all kids from age’s 5 to 12–years–old the amazing game of baseball.

Coach ballgame has a unique ability to rally young baseball players and draw them into the game at a time when most kids are glued to phones, video games or simply just not paying attention.

Coach Ballgame uses a genius method of using fun props like banging a drum, giving the kids nicknames as he states it makes the children feel like a superhero and he also combines catchphrases with the ideals of what baseball is really about. Coach Ballgame connects with kids to achieve his mission, which is to make them fall in love with the game of baseball.

The Coach has recently been hired as the Youth Ambassador for Major League Baseball’s Play Ball Camps. In every single one of his camps, the coach has three values he hopes the kids learn at the end of the camps session. The first of the three values is teaching skills like catching, throwing, fielding a ground ball and of course hitting the baseball. Players who are a little bit older learn more intricate methods and develop the finer skills to each aspect of baseball.


The second value is building character, this is especially important to Coach Ballgame as he believes in teaching the importance of personal character, paying attention, making good choices, being kind and having a positive energy. Last but certainly not least, the third value is having an absurd amount of fun! He says, “Baseball should be fun for all ages, not something you should be anxious about.” He achieved this by combining props, using nicknames, catchphrases, music, ridiculous characters and the joy of being really loud and silly.

Alpena was one of the 58 total Sandlot Tour stops Coach Ballgame will do throughout the year. The boys and girls of Alpena will certainly be looking forward to joining his camp again in the future.