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Clothing Brand In Alpena Inspires Sobriety and Recovery

Substance abuse and recovery from addiction can be hard to deal with for many Americans in the United States. One clothing company in Alpena is trying to inspire sobriety and recovery though the message of their clothing brand.

According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, they say that over 138 million Americans 12 and older drink alcohol and over 28 million or 20.4% of them struggle with alcohol addiction and other substance abuse. For many it’s hard to walk the road of sobriety and recovery without falling back into their old habits. However, Carlos and Shannon Vivero owners and founders of Reborn Renegade are on a mission to inspire change for those struggling with substance abuse

Carlos says, “We want people that are both currently struggling with addiction or who are recovering from addiction and even their supporters to wear our meaningful designs with pride. Wear that sobriety with pride because that’s what we do, we’re not anonymous with our sobriety.” Shannon Vivero adds, “That very huge! So, one of our new shirt designs we’re going to launch in a couple of weeks is ‘I Am Not Anonymous’ because I think it is very important to put a face to sobriety and to be able to show people you can do it too.”

Shannon and Carlos have big plans of transforming Reborn Renegade from a standard clothing brand to national symbol of sobriety and recovery. Carlos says, “Absolutely we have big plans when it comes to that. We are looking to partner up with many of the local and statewide recovery centers to just further the awareness of what we are trying to do and to encourage everybody that recovery is possible. But, we want to take it so much further than that, we want to go national with this.” Shannon adds, “Everybody’s recovery is different and your path is going to be different. What we did, what I did is not going to be the same as somebody else. What I can do is share my story and then you can either take bits and pieces of what you like or don’t like, and that’s how you learn in recovery.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with recovery and staying sober then visit Reborn Renegade’s Facebook or website and contact Shannon and Carlos Vivero for more support.