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Women inventors celebrated

ALPENA, Mich. — As we close out Women’s History Month we cannot do so without acknowledging the many inventions by women.

Now we all know that many things were invented by men and kudos to them but, ladies did you know that thing you run through your hair each morning was patented by a woman in 1898.  Yes, the hairbrush!  According to lifestyle media and technology company PopSugar Manhattan-based Lyda Newman was the first to feature synthetic bristles.

What about that animation you use on your cell phone?  You have Brown University Graduate Lisa Gelobter to thank for that.  Gelobter developed the animation used to create GIFS or JIFS as some may pronounce it.  Gelobter served as chief digital service officer for the US Department of Education.

Lastly, Virginia–born Physical Therapist Bessie Blount Griffin invented a device to help amputees in WWII feed themselves.  The device was an electronic tube that delivered small bites of food at the patient’s own pace.

Although the American Veterans Administration declined Blounts’ invention, she donated the rights to the French government.

These are just a few inventions by women but you can check out the link to more of PopSugar’s list at