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The History of the Bailey Schoolhouse in Harrisville

Built in 1907, the Bailey Schoolhouse is a one room schoolhouse that was once a school that taught many students. The structure of wood showcases just how sturdy this structure is.

Inside the schoolhouse, the ambiance of historic value radiates. According to Historian Donna Bleyle, “the school had grades 1–8 all in the same classroom. The children who came too school here all supported the school.” The schoolhouse is set up similar to how it was in the 1900s. An old chalkboard and even old desks are seen throughout the classroom.

“The school was active until 1940 when they had 13 children in the school and a family of five moved away and there were not enough students to keep the school going,” said Bleyle. Rules for the teachers in the 1900s hang in the schoolhouse as memorabilia, and it shows the dynamic that the schoolhouse had back in the day.

Historical reflection, on the history of education, brings in an abundance of people from all over the state. They all line up to see one of the few remaining schoolhouses in Michigan.

“In 1975 it was moved over here to this area,” said Bleyle. “It was taken down piece by piece. Every piece of the schoolhouse was numbered. This is all the original Schoolhouse.”

Some rules for the teachers who were employed at the Bailey Schoolhouse in the 1900s were that female teachers were not to marry during their term of contract, and they may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man unless the male is a father or brother. The restoration of the bailey schoolhouse began in 1973 and in 1998 the school was moved to sturgeon point. The Bailey Schoolhouse is a historical structure that maintains its beauty. It brings knowledge of the past to the community and shows us how far our educational system has grown.

See the Bailey Schoolhouse next to the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse in Harrisville. A Family fun day will be taking place at Sturgeon Point on Saturday.