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The Benefits of Equestrian Therapy

Horses have a way of being able to heal. The way a horse touches lives is through friendship, loyalty and with connection. Trauma can cause pain that children emotionally withhold from expressing. Horses are a great way for children to release emotion and have the ability to share their emotions with them. Palomino Hope is a new non-profit organization, whose main goal is to allow a place of comfort for children and an open space that lets kids breathe and open up emotionally.

“Our goal is to help kids who need something to do,” said Laurel Greene, president of Palomino Hope. “Children can come out and if they need some healing from trauma, or whatever they have going on in their lives.”

Mirroring emotions is something that horses can do. The emotion a child is having can be reflected with the horse. The benefit of mirrored emotions is that it teaches children to remain in the present, horses don’t know about your past and they can’t foresee your future. They are remaining here, in the present moment.

“Horses do have a healing sense to them, they mirror emotion,” Greene said. “One of the main things that the kids are learning here is that they have to learn how to control the outside.”

Being able to open up is an important aspect of healing. Palomino Hope aids in giving hope to children. They bring fun, beauty and adventure along with it. “The kids, learn how to take a deep breath and conquer their fears,” Greene said. “Some of the growth that I have seen in the kids, is astronomical. I wish people could see this through my eyes. The kids who sit in a chair and were once too afraid to get up out of the chair, are now trail riding down the road.”

The non-profit is benefiting many children in the area. It proves just how effective equestrian therapy can be.