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The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is excited to host a lecture Thursday night with a famous underwater photographer, Chris Roxburgh. His photography work has been featured in outlets like the History Channel, the Outside Magazine and the Smithsonian. Chris explains what his lecture tomorrow night will look like, “We’re going to cover a couple of shallower shipwrecks just for people who like to snorkel, the locals.” Chris also adds, “We’re also going to go all the way up to Presque Isle and I’m going to cover almost every deep wreck around Presque Isle. We’re also going further north still in the Thunder Bay Preserve up to like Hammond Bay and the Persia. So, some of the most historical shipwrecks.”

With covering such a wide area of Thunder Bay, Chris is eager to show the public his photograph work of familiar shipwrecks with Chris’ unique photography style that landed him with recognition from the History Channel and the Smithsonian. “So, I got some pictures of artifacts and various shipwrecks that I’ll be showing, describing and talking about. Also, just unique shots, wide angles shots from very far back from the shipwreck with different lighting.” He adds, “Divers are lighting up various aspects of the wreck. So, we got some exciting stuff, I just got out of the water today I was 200 feet deep about five hours ago. The photography and the videography some of it I’ll be showing tomorrow. It’ll be fresh off my camera and nobody’s ever seen it before.”

If your interested in seeing Chris Roxbrugh’s work, the National Marine Sanctuaries doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the lecture starting at 7 p.m.