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Speed Radars Go Up at Different Alpena Locations

A few speed radars have been placed along Hobbs Drive in front of Sunset Elementary, Washington Avenue, and 9th Street in the last few weeks.

The Alpena City Police Department received several complaints from residents about people speeding on these roads.

“They’re wonderful devices;” said Alpena City police chief Eric Hamp. “Obviously they record the speed of the oncoming vehicle and then we have the ability to analyze the data that comes off of those speed signs, which then helps us decide where to enforce traffic, what times of the day to enforce traffic and those types of things.”

The police can dictate the sign’s behavior as it reacts to a driver’s speed. If someone is driving too fast in the area, the sign can flash at them and remind them to slow down.

The police chose these specific locations because of the fact they are residential areas, as pedestrian safety is of the utmost concern.

“When people actually see the speed that they’re going, it slows them down, and you can see that by analyzing the data,” said Hamp. “So they are proven to be effective, and that’s the whole idea, right? We want people to slow down.”

Based on the data, the police can determine where they need to possibly add more speed radars. They also have a portable trailer they can take to different locations.

“Those are not meant to be moved around all the time because it’s quite a bit of work to install them, however if the time comes where we feel they’re no longer being effective in a particular area, or there’s a need for them to be moved to a different area, we do have that ability,” said Hamp.

The Alpena Police can look at the data and determine if a move needs to be made to a new location, but that it is too early to make that call.