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Road Commissions Enforce Spring Load Restrictions and Speed Reductions

Due to weather conditions, Alpena, Presque Isle, and Alcona County Road Commissions will enforce their spring load restrictions and speed reductions, beginning this weekend.

‘All season’ roads will still operate as normal. During the weight restriction period, trucks must reduce speeds to 35 miles per hour and carry lighter loads to a 25 percent reduction on concrete roads, and 35 percent reduction on asphalt or gravel roads.

Road Commission Manager, Larry Orcutt said with the unseasonably warm weather, and thawing of the ice and snow.

Roads have become more prone to damages. Orcutt said the restriction would help preserve the roads that are being affected.

“The more temperature fluctuation or has a freeze, thaw cycle, the more detrimental it is to the pavement. It’s expanding contraction and you will notice that while you will get bumps in the road and as long as they aren’t overly loaded they will turn back to their normal state in the summer. But right now with the incoming warm weather, the roads are very vulnerable to cracking in the pavement,” he explained.

Cold temperatures will return within a week and weight restrictions will be lifted in most of Alpena, Alcona, and Presque Isle counties.

Seasonal load restrictions are usually forced in Michigan during the months of March and April.