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‘Remembering Our Children’ Holds 11th Annual Candle Lighting Ceremony for the Holidays

For families that have lost children of any age, Remembering Our Children held a candle lighting ceremony on Sunday night.

The grief support group has been holding a candle lighting ceremony for over 11 years in conjunction with the worldwide organization, Compassionate Friends…who have been remembering children with their annual candle lighting ceremony for 20 years.

Facilitator of ROC, Karen McCormick said it’s important for families to have a support system when losing a loved one, to keep their child’s memory alive.

“Well I think it’s important because people are afraid to say your child’s name or a lost loved one that they kind of forget about them…this way we can do a lot of events and different activities to keep their memory alive. It’s comforting because you feel like you’re not alone. There are other people in the same boat,” she said.

Bells ringed over 40 times as families and friends held a candle in hand to remember their loved ones…

McCormick said people dealing with grief need someone who they can trust and talk to and let out their feelings.

“I would tell them just to feel those feelings because no matter what it is don’t be afraid to cry or be angry. Those are all things you have to do. You have to go through the grief even though if you push it down it will just be worse. So I think just trying to find one person that you trust and can talk to is good,” she added.

Members decorated ornaments for a Christmas tree as balloons attached with notes were released following the candle lighting ceremony.

A slideshow and memory table was also set up in memory of the children. Everyone in attendance has either lost a child, or a grandchild.