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ALPENA, Mich. — Today’s pets are Kayleigh, Mariah, Nora, and Simone.

Meet Nora. She arrived just this weekend and she’s not used to being around people. Nora prefers her hidey–hole right now and hisses if you get too close. But those eyes have a kind soul behind them. Give her time, and she’s bound to become a good friend.

Next up, we have Simone. This kitten’s curious, but cautious. She prefers checking everything for safety before letting herself play. She’s still skittish around people, though, so take it slowly with her.

Next up is this pretty mom–to–be named Mariah. The Humane Society expects her to have her litter any day now. But you’ll need to wait a month or two before taking this cuddlebug home; she has kids to raise, after all. Mariah is an excellent lapcat and would make a fantastic t–v buddy.

Lastly, we’ve got another expecting cat named Kayleigh. This long–hair cat loves cuddles, which is great because leaving her fluffy coat un–petted would be a crime. She’s also a very vocal little lady who purrs and chirps whenever she wants you to give her some love.

You can learn more about adoption on the Huron Humane Society website.