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Paleo Joe helps kids uncover fossils in northeast Michigan

Children from Alpena collect fossils with the help of Paleo Joe

ALPENA, MICH —Children from northeast Michigan got in touch with their inquisitive side this weekend, as they searched for fossils.

The children broke out their buckets and shovels and got their hands dirty for the sake of science. They located coral stems, small animals, and other fossils that weren’t as easy to identify. Group leader, PaleoJoe, was able to explain more about what the kids found.

“The kids today are finding all kinds of fossils. We’re finding things called bryozoans. Those ancient creatures lived in the ocean. We’re finding crinoids and seashells, all the types of creatures that lived in the ancient tropical ocean about 380 million years ago.”

As an avid researcher of historic bones, PaleoJoe says alpena is the perfect place to look for remnants of creatures that inhabited the earth millions of years ago.

“Alpena is really rich because of the last glaciers that came through. The glaciers picked up all of the dirt and sediment that was on top of the rocks and pushed it all down south, exposing rocks here in Alpena that are actually the bottom of the ocean during the Devonian Period about 380 million years ago.”

Kchodl says he hopes this will keep the kids interested in science for a lifetime.