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An exciting match up of the Rogers City High School Hurons taking on the Standish Sterling High School Panthers kicked off this school year’s Knowledge Bowl season.

Hosted by Karol Walchak, the students engaged in trivia challenges in all subjects. Some students even begin practicing for this series of trivia competitions in September, which can be a tedious task. Matt Barsen, Rogers City Knowledge Bowl coach, said, “It’s hard to really study for it because it’s just such random trivia. You know, it could be anything. So you basically just study a bunch of stuff and hope you hit the right ones. Common subjects include, but are not limited to, history, math, English, and geography.

While the questions can be difficult, the students find camaraderie in this team environment. Sophia Mina, team captain for Rogers City , said, “I think it’s just a good experience to build a bond with a team who share the same interests and nerd qualities as yourself, I think that’s fun.” Payton Schumacher, co-captain of the Standish Sterling team, hand similar remarks, “I’ve always liked academic things, I’ve always been book smart, so just finding a group to do that with and kind of show off how much I’ve been accumulating has been fun. It’s always a great prep for college and later in life.

Be sure to tune in next Saturday (11/11) at 7PM on CBS to see the match. Be sure to check ahead for future weeks as times may change.