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Montmorency County Adds 7 Narcan Dispensers to the Area

Thanks to funding received following a massive opioid manufacturer settlement, Montmorency County has added seven Narcan dispensers for the area.

Officials like Montmorency County Assistant Controller Lauri Jimkoski hope it will save lives. “If you or I walked up to that container, pulled one of those out and used it as a nasal mist, it would have absolutely no effect on us,” she said. “If you and I were overdosing on an opioid, it would automatically attach to that opioid and reduce the effects of that.”

The public has noticed the availability, and the potentially life saving Narcan is certainly being used. “I’m not sure if it’s saved any lives yet, but it has been, especially the one at Big Bear right there on 32,” Jimkoski said. “I’ve refilled that one three times now.”

It’s not just addicts that this product is aimed at, but anyone who may take too much of a prescribed drug. “We have young children–sports injuries,” said Jimkoski. “They are prescribed a medicine to help them and they think ‘if one is doing a great job then two…’. Then they’ve got a problem.”

The current dispensers are set up at Briley Township Hall, District Health Department No. 4, Avery Township Hall, Patchwood Plaza, Big Bear Trading Post, Albert Township Hall and Loud Township Hall with the likely possibility of adding more in the future.

The count holds “Lets Talk Recovery” meetings every Tuesday and Thursday at the Atlanta Senior Center from 7 to 8 p.m. Christian Academy in Hillman also hosts meetings every Friday at 6:30 p.m. Those looking for support or family members are welcome to attend.