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K-Otic Games Gives Back to Kids for Christmas Listed on the Angel Tree

The Salvation Army of Alpena announced that K-Otic Games in Alpena Mall would be adding 10 percent to every gift card purchased for the Christmas angel tree gifts.

Reporter, Star Connor has more.

It’s almost Christmas time and the angel tree is still filled with cards.

K–Otic games located at the Alpena Mall are doing something special for the kids who request a gift card from their store adding 10 percent to every gift card purchased to fulfill a child’s Christmas wish.

Many kids on the angel tree don’t have, or understand the difference to pay sales tax.

“What we find is kids will… Say the get a $20 card they want to come in and get a $20 game. And so we found ourselves covering the tax for them anyhow and we thought it would just be a nice incentive on the front end to say we’ll offer a 10% match. So if anybody buys a $20 gift card we’ll offer 10% more or a $50 card would earn $5 more,” Benton explained.

Storeowner, Casey Benton said the amount of kids on the angel tree is why he has decided to help.

“The angel tree request, the sheer numbers of them. We have a tree right outside our front door, there’s a tree here in the mall, and I know there’s trees all over town. I just saw a lot of cards on there saying that kids want K-Otic gift cards and said ‘hey this is a great opportunity to help out a little bit and get a little bit more on the card for the kids,’” Benton said.

He also said he wanted to help kids have a wonderful shopping experience.

“I just always think it’s great to help kids. The holiday season…Christmas is about ultimately about the Christian holiday of Christmas. However we as Americans have turned it into a great day for children of all ages. So we just want the kids to have a good Christmas and that’s what it’s really all about,” he added.

There are still angel tree tags for boys and girls.

If you would like to help a child this Christmas the angel trees are located at Wal-Mart, K-Otic Games, The Marketplace, the Alpena Mall, Besser Credit Union and Alpena Credit Union.

For WBKB News in Alpena, I’m Star Connor.