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Is The A-F Grading System Accurately Representing Schools?

It’s been two weeks since the West Michigan Policy Forum and the Great Lakes Education Project released this years A–F grades for K–12 public schools across the state. There have been an increase number of advocacy groups voicing their opinion saying that Governor Whitmer should repeal this grading system, which as of May 24th it has been repealed.

David Rabbideau the Superintendent of Alpena Public Schools also shares the same opinions of those advocacy groups. He said, “They’re trying to condense so much of what public schools do for students and the community. To try and condense all that down to one, two, three letter grades, it doesn’t tell the whole picture.” Rabbideau continues, “As far as the sates providing that dashboard, I don’t know, it’s been something they’ve been working on for years because they haven’t quite gotten it right. it’s gone through letter grades, it’s gone through 0 to 100 scale, it’s gone through all sorts of different iterations but nothing seems to accurately reflect what the schools do.”

While Superintendent Rabbideau feels like this system doesn’t accurately reflect schools performances for any public schools in the state of Michigan, he is still all for transparency and accountability as that will help them best educate your child.

Rabbideau says, “I guess there’s two purposes behind it. One, is so people can know what their schools are doing and at the same time there is that accountability of reporting on how schools do.” he adds, “I’m 100% all for that accountability, we need to be able to be measured and know where we stand and be able to improve.” Rabbideau also says, “I mean its a tough effort to try and do what it’s mean to do. but we do need to have that level of public reporting and accountability.”

The scorecards show that Alpena Public Schools and surrounding areas had a mixed bag of results but superintendent Rabbideau does say that if you do want to know how your child’s school is performing, to reach out to them and have a conversation or to attend the schools board meeting for more accurate information.