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Hunters Report Success on Opening Day in Northeast Michigan

Last year at standard provision, a local deer processor, they only had about a dozen deer coming in on opening day.  This year, they easily eclipsed that number by noon.

One hunter, Matt Robinson, came from Monroe County for the action. “Every gun season we come up here,” he said. “I usually hunt some downstate where I live and come up here for gun season, and it’s a good time.”

Some hunters are sill getting used to the change involving having to report your deer online, but some believe it’s for the best. “I think the change is going to be for the better,” said Charlie Lutz, another hunter from Macomb County. “I think the state or whoever is in charge is going be able to find out exactly where these deer are coming from and if there’s any issue when it comes to health. They’re going to find out and it just makes everything quicker.”

Hunters get in line at Standard Provision in Alpena.

Spending time at camp also means spending time with the people you care about. So, for most hunters, getting a deer isn’t always the most important part. “If they’re there they’re there and if they’re not there, then it’s all good too,” Lutz said. “We’re going to enjoy our time and have a nice time away. It’s not about the deer. The deer is a bonus and my brother at home who is disabled, his name is John, and he can’t wait for me to get home with this deer.”

For Robinson, it’s a time to enjoy with the boys.  “You tell your wife you’re going to deer camp and you’ll be struggling to live but we cook really good food, sit around and play cards, and drink some beers,” he said.