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How ChatGPT Affects Workforce, Schools in Northeast Michigan

As artificial intelligence continues to grow and become a fixture in our everyday lives, people’s jobs may be at risk because of it.

“In terms of selling, when you look at consultative selling, which is large deal sizes and high value proposition, those will never be taken away, but transactional selling has already began to be taken away, even in the last 10 or 15 years,” said Thomas Fellows, an author and artificial intelligence expert.

With ChatGPT, a simple prompt can be typed into the text box, and a full report or essay can be churned out in mere seconds.

This is something that can be easily manipulated in schools, and while Alpena Public Schools has no plans to take any action as of now, may do so if it becomes a concern in the school year.

“If someone takes a response and does some modifications to it to kind of put it in their own words, it could be pretty difficult to spot, especially with the number of assignments that a teacher might be looking at at one time,” said David Rabbideau, Superintendent of Alpena Public Schools.

This artificial intelligence is growing fast, but northeast Michigan being a smaller, tight knit community may not allow that software to spread as quickly, although it still could come soon.

“It might not be as pronounced as say, Detroit, or Chicago just because it is a tight knit community and people know each other well, but there definitely will be job loss,” said Fellows.

While this software is still so new, all of its possible uses aren’t clear. There is still likelihood that it can be used productively in classrooms.

“The students use ChatBot to generate the response, and then the students are required to go through and fact check it or critique the response that came out, and that way you’re using it, but it’s up to the students to really use their critical thinking when using that,” said Rabbideau.

As ChatGPT grows and enters the mainstream even more than it already has, people will continue to learn all of its benefits and risks, and how it can affect our area.