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“Harsens Island Revenge” Films at the Presque Isle Lodge

The Presque Isle Lodge is one of the locations chosen for scenes in the upcoming film “Harsens Island Revenge”.

It tells the story of conflict between World War I veterans and the infamous Purple Gang during the prohibition era. “The Purple Gang was very real,” said Anthony Hornus, producer, writer, actor, and director with Collective Development Incorporated in Lansing. “Historians believe they killed over 500 people. They supplied Al Capone and the country with 80 percent of the whiskey that was flowing. They’re brutal.”

Lead Actor David Michael Reardon plays the part of Frankie, a World War I veteran who finds himself in the bootleg business. “Only 30 percent of the United States wanted dry states.” he said. “A lot of the people in government were still purchasing booze under the table and a lot of the World War I veterans up here kind of did make a bit of extra cash moving booze from Canada down here.”

WBKB’s Kevin Hodge prepares for his role as an extra in the upcoming film “Harsens Island Revenge”.

Owner of the Presque Isle Lodge Shandy Spencer and his family have owned it for 37 years and being one of the filming locations is one of the most notable events they’ve had. “We’ve had all kinds of different groups,” he said. “We have weddings here, we have family reunions and whatnot, and we’ve had different groups. Basket guilds, things like that nature, but this is kind of one of the bigger deals I guess.”

The Presque Isle Lodge is just one of the locations chosen in northern Michigan for the shoot, and with the beautiful landscapes the area has to offer, it’s given the film crew everything they need. “Not only the lodge, I think every location we’ve had has been incredible,” said Reardon. “Whether it be the lighthouse or the Fireside Inn. I think this location in general is beautiful, especially right now with the leaves changing and stuff.”

There’s still filming to be done, but the filmmakers believe the movie will be ready to go by around this time next year.