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Harrisville Nonprofit Radio Station to Host Local Music Fundraiser

WXTF–LP has operated out of Harrisville for close to a decade now. They are a non commercial, independently owned radio station that plays deep cuts and the kind of music you don’t often hear on the radio.

They are hosting a fundraiser at the Maria Hall off of M–72 in Harrisville this weekend, and the lineup is entirely local artists.

“We had a few in Lincoln and a few outside the community, last couple years we’ve had them here in town and had a pretty good turnout, lot of local listeners, people appreciate the station, show up, and it’s a way for us to generate some money and pay for operation of the station, and the Alcona Music Project promotes local music in the county,” said Michael Wnuk, vice president of the Alcona Music Project.

Being a non-commercial station, WXTF is completely donor funded and they don’t play any commercials on the air.

They moved into their new location at the end of last summer. They have moved around a number of times, and they are hoping to make their current location their forever home.

“Being in Harrisville and it was a chance to renovate this building,” said Wnuk. “This building was built in the ’40s. With the money that we’ve gained through the donations, we’d be able to renovate it, improve everything about it, the heating system, new floors, ceiling, everything. It’s all new stuff and it’s going to last a while.”

The Alcona Music Project works with local artists in Harrisville and northeast Michigan, and with the live music fundraiser they are hosting, have a chance to display some of the great local acts the area features.

“It’s hard for the local musicians to even survive in this area monetarily, so what they do is they get together and they play anyway at the Harbor, at different venues, and the people still show up,” said Wnuk. “So it’s just an awesome community–minded thing, it really is.”

The fundraiser begins on Saturday, July 29th at 3pm and runs until 10pm with over half a dozen local bands set to perform. Food and drink will be available for those interested in attending.