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Four Recruits Honored At Pinning Ceremony

It’s been a long a difficult road filled with many bumps but for these four recruits from the city of Alpena’s Fire Department managed to overcome the adversity to be honored at a pinning ceremony at City Hall. We got the thoughts and reactions from the four recruits and how they felt about today’s pinning ceremony.

Nick Adamiak a Firefighter and EMT recruit said, “It’s pretty rewarding, I mean it’s been a long process it’s been going on for close to a year now. Just the hiring process itself was probably four or five months, you know, waiting, eagerness all that so it’s nice to finally have everything concluded.”

Lee Babcock said, “Very excited, very excited to help the community, continue to learn and being with a group of great guys all the time, it’s amazing stuff.”

Christopher Kinsey said, “I’m pretty happy to finally get this far, get my career started. It’s been a long time coming with class and juggling family life but today’s the day and were finally ready to rock.”

Adam McNeill said, “Yeah this is a dream come true. I’ve wanted to be a firefighter for a long time, ever since probably eight grade and I’m finally doing it.”

The Alpena City Fire Chief, Rob Edmonds was in attendance leading the ceremony, Fire Chief Edmonds also gave his thoughts on the new incoming recruits. he said, “For us its refreshing because it brings a little bit of fresh air into the organization because they’re new and eager. They’re willing to learn and trying to be like sponges and absorb everything that we can teach them and they really are doing it for the right reasons.” He also adds, “So, it’s good for us to have four new hires in the organization that are willing to help us accomplish our mission within the community.”

The Fire Department still has four more positions to be filled and are looking for the right candidates who can step in to the Alpena Fire Department. However, to be considered, they are looking for people who are already a basic EMT and of course be able to pass background checks and mental health evaluation.