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Ella White and Hinks Elementary Celebrate ‘National Reading Month’

It’s National Reading Month, and local elementary schools are celebrating with different reading themes.

Take a look.

It’s National Reading Month across the U.S. and local elementary schools here in Alpena are celebrating by reading each day of the month of March. Ella White Elementary’s theme is called ‘All the Places You’ll Go.’

“For March’s reading month what we’re doing is we pick a theme, our theme is ‘All of the Places You’ll Go’ and what the theme is for is to talk to children about all the places you will go throughout education. What we’re doing is we’re having different organizations come in and share a demonstration and at the end they all talk about the importance of reading, and how reading has helped them achieve their goals, and where they are today,” Title 1 teacher, Jennifer Marceau said.

Hinks Elementary is focusing on camping bringing in items and reading books related to camp retreats.

“So Hinks picked a camping theme, and they’re just doing many different activities around camping. So they’re bringing in lights one day, we’re dressing in plaid one day, just trying to enhance the reading and keep kids motivated,” she added.

Some kids may find reading a challenge which could turn them completely off. But there are fun ways to help a child love to open up a book.

“We find fun ideas to get them really engaged in reading because all children don’t like to read, but we try to get all children to like to read by finding books at their interest level books at their level, and just finding different things for them to read so they know it’s important and that it’s a life skill, and for them not to hate it,” Marceau said.

Reading month celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss and is designed to motivate kids to read every day of the year in order to use the key tool successfully in life.

“You need to be able to read in every aspect of life. In order to do anything you need to be able to read. That’s the main important message that we are trying to portray to children. Anything that you do in life you need to be a good reader, or you need to know how to read,” she added.

In Alpena for WBKB News, I’m Star Connor.