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Defense Calls Witnesses in Srebnik Trial Who Dispute Former Cellmate’s Claim Srebnik Confessed to Killing Abby Hill

In the trial of Brad Srebnik, the prosecution is resting their case and doesn’t have any more witnesses to call.

It was the defense’s turn on Wednesday. Among the witnesses they called were two former and current Alpena County inmates who were housed with Srebnik at the same time as Turner Terry who testified last week that Srebnik confessed to him that he had killed Abby Hill.

Today’s witnesses disputed that claim with one of them, Douglas Planck, said turner would often pressure Srebnik to talk about the case. “He was very insistent on trying to get him to talk about his case when Mr. Srebnik wouldn’t say nothing about it,” he said. “I actually advised Mr. Srebnik to not talk about either of his cases, his gun case or this case that was happening.”

When asked if Srebnik had ever failed to heed that advice, Planck replied, “No. Not that I recall.”

A second witness stayed in that particular jail pod said he never heard Srebnik confess to killing Abby Hill.

The defense has two more witnesses who did not show up to court on Wednesday as we inch closer to closing arguments. It is still unconfirmed whether or not Srebnik will testify on his own behalf.

The trial resumes Thursday morning.