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Boys & Girls Club of Alpena Honor Their Youth in a Banquet for Volunteer Hours Completed for the Year

Friday night the Boys and Girls Club of Alpena honored a few of their youth for all of the volunteer work they have completed throughout the year.

Here’s a look at their awards banquet.

The Boys and Girls Club of Alpena had a lot to be proud about.

The organization hosted their BGCA Awards dinner Friday night giving high honors to kids that have volunteered their time this year within the community.

Executive director at the Boys and Girls Club, Brad Somers said working within the community helps shape the future of kids as they learn professional skills and meet people.

“It’s important because kids are more in tune with what’s going on in the community.

They are able to get job skills, they are able to meet community leaders, they are able to build a support system at a younger age and be able to step up and say I want to go into nursing or there might be some projects or volunteer opportunities and revolve around that. They may want to go into working with pets or the humane society….it’s a great way for kids to be able to step up and just learn those skills to become the next generations leaders,” Somers said.

Over 40 kids volunteered their time to produce over 1000 service hours.

“Accumulation over the past few years these kids have been able to do 3,400 hours a year. Which means they are here almost every single day doing something to help this community.

These kids are the next generation’s leaders and it’s great that we’re able to help facilitate that, and it’s great that the parents allow their kids to come here and believe in what we do,” Somers added.

Some of the kids were also a part of the Youth Volunteer Corp Mission.

Some of the volunteer services the kids participated in over the year were the Relay for Life, Brown Trout Festival, Huron Humane Society, and more.

“Our kids are just the best…they really are. I’m so proud of all of the hard work that they put in.

Our program is nothing without our kids. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Our kids make it go, and they make my job easy,” Matt Muszynski said.

Unit Director, Jennifer Digna helped put this awards together and says it’s fun to make up unique award names for the kids.

“There’s also the ‘coolest club member award,’ and we have the ‘simple sweet award for that member that is just always smiling and who is super friendly to everyone,” Digna said.

There were over 25 awards given out during Friday night’s banquet.

For WBKB News in Alpena, I’m Star Connor.