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American Dental Association announces support for banning certain vaping products

ALPENA, Mich. — The American Dental Association has taken a firm stance against vaping in an announcement on Dec. 16. They call for a total ban on vaping products that haven’t been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a tool to help end tobacco use.

Some products have been proven to damage the oral cavity, and president of the Michigan Dental Association, Dr. Margaret Gingrich says the chemicals can especially affect adolescents. “We have nicotine stomatitis that can be in the mouth, that’s the drying of the mouth as well, and progression of cavities,” she said. “It’s just not healthy for brain development in adolescents or younger adults as they continue to grow.”

Dr. Gingrich added the Michigan Dental Association stands with its parent organization in the banning of these vaping products. “When a patient talks to me and they say, ‘oh I don’t want to call it vaping, I just have my Juul in my pocket and it’s an alternative. Vaping just has such a bad connotation to it.’ Well if it has a bad connotation, then you shouldn’t be vaping in the first place,” said Dr. Gingrich.

The ADA joins the American Medical Association in this stance against vaping.