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An Alpena High School student is on her way to Ivy League, Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

Eden Gray of Alpena High School was not sure how she would fair in the application process to Dartmouth College, but then she was offered a full ride. “So, at Dartmouth next year, I am studying engineering design and so that is engineering combined with architecture,” she said.

Gray is not intimidated by the challenge. “With Dartmouth being an ivy league school and definitely out there, I know that academically I’m going to be pushed, and that’s amazing because I know that further in my life and career it’ll definitely benefit me,” she said.

With her time at Dartmouth, there also come other life–changing opportunities. “So, at Dartmouth, they do offer a lot of study abroad programs and ways to get involved with internships and study abroad as something that most students do,” she said. “I think it’s 60 percent of students at Dartmouth study abroad at least one time in their four years, and I do plan on doing that sometime in Spain.”

Alpena High School Principal Romeo Bourdage has some good things to add about Gray’s progression to this accomplishment. “She didn’t choose easy classes. She chose the most difficult,” he said. “She wasn’t afraid of AP, Advanced Placement, dual enrollment. She immersed herself in being the best student she could be.”

Gray has spent her life practicing strong discipline and a passion for her school and academics. she has some wise words for younger students that would love to pursue the Ivy League. “Definitely to any students pursuing higher education, it’s taking that initiative and really having confidence in yourself,” she said.