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Alpena Schools Cracks Down on Bullying

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and many schools are facing the issue head–on with students. In a three–part series Reporter, Star Connor takes a closer look at how local schools are handling bullies.

“Leave me alone I do not like it,” those are the words that School Success Liaison, Paige Bilyeu uses when teaching Ella White students how to stand up for themselves.

Bullying is prevalent in America everyday. But what happens when it’s something you have to deal with personally? Ella White Elementary 5th grader, Madison Shearer has found ways to help her peers that have been victims of bullies.

“I go up to them and see if they’re ok, and see if they want to hang out and play,” Shearer said.

5th grader, Lucy Cook explains how being bullied made her feel.

“It kind of let me down. I was always thinking about it, and it kind of made me sad,” Cook said.

 She said sports have helped.

“Playing soccer with my friends has helped me let out those emotions, and just have fun,” Cook added.

Games and reading are alternative methods to get students to stop bullying. One book Bilyeu uses to help stop kids from tormenting others is called: ‘Nobody Knew What to Do.’

“This book goes through the steps of what to do, and what to say and how to get help when someone is bullying you,” she explained.

Bilyeu said she has also been a victim of bullying.

“One time I got hurt from these girls, and my friends encouraged me to tell a teacher, and when I told finally things were brought to a head, and the bullying stopped. But had I’d not said anything the bullying would’ve continued on and on and on,” Bilyeu said.

In the elementary level, one thing is key.

“Kids just don’t know how to be nice people yet, they’re still learning,” Bilyeu said.