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Alpena High School Creates ‘POWER’ to Promote Good Deeds

Trying to create a wave of good behavior throughout the entire school year, Alpena High School is up to something new.

“So to promote positive behavior these are our ‘power tickets,'” Dean of Students, Katie Nimcheski said.

Promoting ‘purpose, optimism, willpower, excellence and respect,’ all of the teachers have tickets in the each classroom. A raffle is drawn each week for deserving students and staff to pick out neat prizes.

 “The yellow ones we have staff giving other staff these power tickets and they can turn them in for free lunches and other prizes. These are the student ones that our staff passes out to students,” Nimcheski explained.

Keeping track of student behaviors with a computer program, Nimcheski said the program seems to be working.

“On a monthly basis we try to get in there and figure out where the referrals are happening, or how many different types of referrals are happening just to make sure we don’t have any lose ends in parts of the building that aren’t being supervised enough, or maybe the teacher that needs more support and has a really difficult class we would be able to track that and give support with that student,” she said.

With will power, hopefully you could be the next student or staff member to hear: “Congratulations, and thank you for being so awesome.”